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    Fast Rising British singer-songwriter Broughton released a brand new single “Nightmare Scene”

    London’s fast-rising singer-songwriter Broughton released a brand new single titled “Nightmare Scene,” the third single is taken from his recently released album “Idle Place,” which incorporates only seven tracks.

    “Nightmare Scene” is a dopey, weighty arrangement with more rhythmic tempos and standards, sequences full of distinct moods, and beats programmed so that everything completes an excellent set to receive Broughton’sBroughton’s powerful vocals in a formidable tune.

    British rapper Broughton isn’t new to making music, as he has been creating outstanding music since 2015. Broughton’s innovative work was completed with much motivation, talent, and creative authority only an entertainer of his expertise knows how to maintain.

    The title “Nightmare Scene” directs to him being able to dream, but each time he closes his eyes and dreams, all he dreams about are nightmares. The low and atmospheric tune richly explores his efforts, excellent work, and vocals, which only add colors to the dark production to make the song a superb composition.

    Stream “Nightmare Scene” on Spotify.

    Connect with Broughton: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify



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