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    Fast Cash Boyz Lit Sure To Motivate

    Fast Cash Boyz are back with a new release titled, “Lit” just in time for Labor Day weekend.

    The rap group has delivered yet another hot record to be the soundtrack. Overall, for anyone out in the world going after anything/everything they want out of life, this is the motivation needed. Now Fast Cash Boyz Lit single is sure to an anthem that we won’t soon forget.

    “This record is for the LIT people no matter the situation. When we say LIT we mean it as in being in yo bag and you can’t be stopped .. YOU LIT!”

    “Lit” represents the many ways an individual can be about their business and just having fun while doing it!

    In conclusion, what are your thoughts on the groups single? Where would you like to seem them perform at? What other artists would you like them to collaborate with? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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