FASHION: Ammo Stilo “Blossomed” Varsity Jacket 2015

Ammo Stilo
Ammo Stilo-2

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, here comes Ammo Stilo.

Debuting it’s newest addition to their lineup, the “Blossomed” Varsity jacket, it would be pretty interesting to see who coins this piece in the industry in 2015.

Maybe Wiz Khalifa? Kanye? Heck, we could even see Beyonce rocking this piece in 2015. The possibilities are endless when it comes down to it.

Stiched in the lower portion of the jacket are the bold, white and embroidered letters “STILO”. The jacket’s nylon/silky look and features adds “sheen” and “finesse” to the overall look. Followed by white and black stripes around the edges, which most varsity pieces tend to do, accompanied by a slim, athletic fit to the build. Theirs some really cool asian styled writing on the front-upper chest portion that adds some style in addition. Really nice touch.

Ammo Stilo-3

What makes this piece stand out, more than most, is the “blossomed” sleeve patterns, which bloom a very elegant, floral pattern that changes the game up a bit. Not too girly though, as it shows versatility to make this piece unisex. Any sex could rock this, male or female.

All in all, this is a very visual addition to the varieties of varsity jackets out there. Probally, in our opinion, one the better looking ones that just make sense – from a style perspective. We’ve seen some jackets incorporate full floral concepts, and it just makes them look “feminine”. The STILO Blossomed jacket offers that perfect balance between “Hard” and “soft”, which makes this jacket a hit. A definite MUST-BUY if you have a few extra coins laying around, and just happen to need a stylish coat.


If your interested in buying one, below are the necessary links where you can do so. Also, stay in the know about Ammo Stilo’s latest additions to their lookbook by following their social medias.


Instagram[email protected]_stilo
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Owners instagram/Twitter[email protected] @Robertbackwards


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