Fans React To J.Cole’s “Snow On Tha Bluff”

J.cole Snow in tha BLuff

J.cole’s “Snow on Tha Bluff” is getting mixed reactions from fans online.

Whenever Jermain Cole drops music it gets attention, his latest release is getting that but not of the attention is Good. J.cole’s surprise track “Snow in the bluff” took the internet by storm Tuesday, and not all fans are happy.

The world celebrated Tupac Shakur’s birthday this week, and ironically one of the two rappers like him is in the news. Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole are regarded as the leaders of hip-hop activism. The two emcees are both known for their truthful and insightful intakes on life in America.

As the protest and riots that are sweeping the country first began, fans were calling Kendrick and Cole to speak out. Respectively, each man participated in peaceful protest or demonstrations, but neither put out any new music. That is until J.cole gave fans a gift Tuesday night when he dropped new music.

Cole’s song “Snow in Tha Bluff” was the first record from rap’s top tier artist to come out since George Floyd’s death. Fans immediately noticed that the track seemed to be directed at rapper Noname. An emcee, activist, and social medial personality, NOname is famous for her views of race relations.

As people began analyzing the lyrics of the song, fans took sides of whether Cole’s comments were right or wrong.

Many female fans felt the song was misogynistic.

Cole stans and some entertainers had a different perspective.

The Dream vile head honcho addressed the entire situation himself saying he standby what he said.

One thing that stands out from this exchange is that more people need to worry less about entertainers and more about themselves.

“Snow in tha bluff” is a reminder of why Jermaine Cole is my favorite rapper. Despite my obvious bias, the song was a J.cole classic in terms of his ability to humanize himself to the listener. Fans of noname may not be able to understand, but that song was by Jermaine the man, not J the rapper.

The call to action on the song, is simple, don’t judge how other people contribute, do you, love others.

What do you guys think of J.cole’s snow in tha bluff? Sexist or Honest?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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