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    Fans Poke Fun At Saweetie’s “Awkward Run Formation” In Video

    It seems like since breaking up with Quavo, Saweetie’s career has taken off. The 28-year-old has bagged deal after deal. Additionally, she’s been featured on just about every song out there, including a recent track with Little Mix. Making her even more of a smart businesswoman, Saweetie has released a handful of new music. Her latest song, though, has everyone talking about it. Fans have praised her newest music video for the song “Fast (Motion)”. However, others decided to poke fun at Saweetie’s awkward running formation in her music video.

                Saweetie’s Awkward Run Formation

    awkward run formation
    via Vulture

    At this point in her career, Saweetie’s winning non-stop. The 28-year-old has made her rounds around Hollywood. Not to mention, she’s cementing her place in the HipHop community. The newcomer is on the way to becoming a huge female rap artist. Furthermore, she’s released hit after hit. Saweetie knows how to make a great record. Her latest single “Fast (Motion)” certainly has got fans talking, though not necessarily in a good way.

    Fans decided to poke fun at the 28-year-old’s awkward running formation in the new music video. In particular, one fan wrote the now-viral tweet, “Love the Icy gang but is this her first time running?”

    Fortunately, Saweetie cleared up the story surrounding her awkward run in the video. “LMAOOOOOOOO it’s not but y’all can roast me it was 4am on a mini treadmill I thought I was finna fall off.” Well, at least she has a valid reason for why her running formation striked as odd.

                     Saweetie As A Highschool Track Star

    awkward run formation
    via Allure

    Clearly, fans doubted the star ‘s athletic ability. Little did they realize, that Saweetie once ran track in highschool. According to TheSource, the rapper participated in all kinds of sports, including volleyball, powderpuff football and of course, track. Saweetie clearly didn’t mind that fans had poke fun at her running capabilities. Afterall, the rapper knows she rocks as a track star.


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