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Fans Are Upset That ‘Venom’ Will Be Rated PG-13



Art: Patrick Brown

Some fans thought that Venom starring Tom Hardy would get the R-Rating prior to its release date. Sony has unveiled that the flick will not bear the adult rating, but rather something more family friendly. Fans are obviously not happy because the plot of the main villain is straight savage compared to other antagonists.

Tickets for Venom are now on sale, and in order for sales to begin, the movie’s official rating and runtime had to be revealed. Coming in at 1hour and 52 running mins, falling just a bit short of the two-hour mark. And to add more salt to the wound, Spider-Man will not be featured in the flick – at all.

Will you still go see Venom regardless of these major public upsets? Leave your comments in the comments below. And if you happened to miss the trailer check it out below.


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Crazy Trump Fan Yells ‘Heil Hitler! Heil Trump’ At Theater Performance



The Daily Beast

The outrageous act of anti-Semitism is the latest proof that people actually believe Trump’s rhetoric and similarity to Hitler.

This past Wednesday audience members at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore were in a heavy panic as a man stood up during intermission, raised his hand in the Nazi salute, and shouted “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!”

In utter shock and fear, audience members began running toward the exit, afraid that gunshots were soon approaching The Hippodrome Theater has already issued the following statement:

What do you all think? Please comment below and in other Trump and culture news:

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Frank Ocean Finally Said “Fuck It” And Made His Instagram Public



Frank Ocean

Living under a rock definitely has its limits. Now, Mr. Ocean has lifted the veil and offered an intimate look at his life. Can I get an amen?

Known for keeping a low profile as of late, the best songwriter alive, Frank Ocean gifted his fans by making his Instagram account @blonded public. Since we were waiting for new music on his latest episode of Blonded Radio, this will due…for now.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @ blonded on

And to celebrate the public announcement, Frank posted a topless welcome photo to commemorate the now 217,000 followers. His account is nothing spectacular unless you are a die-hard fan. It features 307 photos that offer an intimate look at the world of the mysteriously enigmatic artist. There is no word on why Frank Ocean decided to open his Instagram account to the public, but let’s hope that it’ll be worth it.

Check out the new Instagram account here and in other Hip-Hop news:

Did Frank Ocean End His Career?


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Sour Patch Kids is Now a Cereal We Can Either Enjoy or Toss Out



The sweet and sour candy, known as Sour Patch Kids, is no longer going to be just a snack. The candy brand is stretching it’s reach into the kitchen’s of early morning risers.

Starting Dec. 26, Walmart will sell Sour Patch Kids cereal, by Post. Just like it’s signature taste, the cereal will start off tart, before turning sweet. And just like Rice Krispies or Frosted Flakes, the cereal is meant to be eaten with milk.

Boxes will start at $4 USD. Other major food retailers will sell the cereal at some time in 2019.

What are your thoughts? Should this cereal remain a candy, or are we ready for an evolution?

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