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    Fans Are Upset That ‘Venom’ Will Be Rated PG-13

    Some fans thought that Venom starring Tom Hardy would get the R-Rating prior to its release date. Sony has unveiled that the flick will not bear the adult rating, but rather something more family friendly. Fans are obviously not happy because the plot of the main villain is straight savage compared to other antagonists.

    Tickets for Venom are now on sale, and in order for sales to begin, the movie’s official rating and runtime had to be revealed. Coming in at 1hour and 52 running mins, falling just a bit short of the two-hour mark. And to add more salt to the wound, Spider-Man will not be featured in the flick – at all.

    Will you still go see Venom regardless of these major public upsets? Leave your comments in the comments below. And if you happened to miss the trailer check it out below.



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