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Facebook Security Is Almost Non Existent Per The Latest News, social media, hacking , security


Facebook Security Is Almost Non Existent Per The Latest News

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Facebook’s ability to maintain a secure platform is in serious questions.

The mega social media giant has come under fire for recent years regarding hacking and security. Now rumors have surfaced that employees atFacebook built an application that captured unencrypted password data for Facebook users. The application stored the information in plain text on the company massive server. As a result, the information is coming from an unnamed senior Facebook employee.

Facebook Security

Consequently, the new information presents plenty of negative light on the platform. An estimated that between 200 and 600 million users information is unencrypted. Further investigation is still underway regarding the length of exposure for the information. Hence, the plain text dates back to 2012.

“The longer we go into this analysis the more comfortable the legal people [at Facebook] are going with the lower bounds” of affected users, the source said. “Right now they’re working on an effort to reduce that number even more by only counting things we have currently in our data warehouse.”

Furthermore, Facebook software engineer Scott Renfro had this to say regarding the current status of security.

“We’ve not found any cases so far in our investigations where someone was looking intentionally for passwords, nor have we found signs of misuse of this data,” Renfro said. “In this situation what we’ve found is these passwords were inadvertently logged but that there was no actual risk that’s come from this. We want to make sure we’re reserving those steps and only force a password change in cases where there’s definitely been signs of abuse.”

Therefore, what will become of Facebook? Certainly, the world of technology will hold the platform liable for all that has been done. Leave your comments below, and be sure to stay tuned to

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