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    Facebook Dating Gives You Five Gender Choices

    Facebook is making finding love that more efficient, and effective by introducing five gender choices to it’s users upon sign up.

    According to online sources over at Hypebeast:

    Facebook is now testing an upcoming dating feature internally, reports say. The new rollout, however, will not be available as a standalone app but as a special section within the social media platform’s main app. Testing right now is being utilized by Facebook employees.

    The tech company’s goal is simple: “finding serious relationships.” How many dating apps have you used and the chances of finding anything remotely close to long term is an option? It looks like Mark Zuckerberg wants to bounce back strong after privacy policy issues that occurred over the past several months.

    If he and his team keeps on this path, there may be hope for a strong return of Facebook’s presence in the social media world. Check out the pic below for more details.
    Facebook Dating Gives You Five-1

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