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    Fabolous Dumps Emily B Tired Pussy for New Girlfriend

    Fabolous and Emily B are no longer going strong, and Fabolous seems just fine with that.

    Fabolous was recently spotted wining and dining a new girlfriend, as they sat across from each other in a restaurant. The two seemed to be enjoying a Mexican meal. Fabolous new girlfriend is something we’re not too surprised about.

    TMZ reports that the rumors of the split are receiving fuel by sources who know the couple personally. According to the media outlet, the source confirms that Fab and Emily called it quits recently.

    Fabolous New Girlfriend

    If that’s the case, the Brooklyn rapper sure does move on fast– and what a shame that is.

    Emily B and the rapper have skin in the game. They’ve been a notorious couple in the industry spotlight for a long time. Though they’ve never wed, the couple has supposedly been an item for over a decade.

    In that time, they’ve made appearances as a couple on VH1’s hit show Love & Hip Hop, and even have kids together. The two share two sons, Johan Jackson and Jonas Jackson.

    But with the good also comes the bad.

    Back in October 2018, Fabolous and Emily B got into a bad argument…one that was captured on tape. In the argument, you can see Emily B running for her life, as Fabolous threatens to harm her and her father.

    People even speculated that he knocked Emily’s front teeth out.

    As a result, the rapper was facing 1 count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, 2 counts of threatening to kill and 1 count of possession of a weapon. He did eventually strike a plea deal, and avoided jail time. 

    However, just like the claims that he’s an abusive boyfriend, Fab is denying that he and Emily split.

    So who is that mystery woman? No one knows.

    Though, we do know is that Fab is denying he’s dating outside of his relationship with Emily.

    Thoughts? Do you think Fabolous new girlfriend can compete with Emily B? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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    Featured Image Credit: J. COUNTESS VIA GETTY IMAGES

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