EYE CANDY: Ela Pasion Showcases Her Stunning Looks & Beauty

Ela Pasion Showcases Her Stunning Looks

In a world where vanity reigns “King” over many aspects in life, Ela Pasion takes lead in front of the lens to showcase her “Queen-like” stature of beauty, elegance and sensuality. Being a rising star in the L.A.modeling business, it’s more than just posing for the camera. Pasion understands this, raising the bar to the next level of ‘erotic’ photography. And of course, she’s thinking about her fans, male and female. Giving her viewers more than just “eye-candy”, she finds unique poses to connect her admirers closer to her “passionate” vision.

With her ability of making the mind wonder in places only “fantasy” can take you, proves why Ela Pasion is one of the rising greats in our modern day in times of modeling photography. Check out her visually mesmerizing shots below, and be sure to follow her on Twitter & Instagram.


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