EXCLUSIVE: Meet Maria Lynn The Pop Princess On Everyone’s RADAR

Meet Maria Lynn The Pop Princes

In case you didn’t know, Maria Lynn and Toniia have joined forces for a collaborative effort dubbed All or Nothing, an EP that explores the varied musical upbringing and versatility of the new found pop princess.
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Her ability to convey a message emoted in “tenderness and vulnerability” is coupled with an integral musical identity that speaks louder than the music itself. She has her finger on the pulse; finding the perfect balance of passion and integrity with an incendiary sound that evokes a seductive vocal delivery that posits her as an artist whose musical ability is unparalleled in today’s digital age.

From track to track Maria Lynn lends a seductive vocal to a current and beautifully produced piece of work, and upon closer inspection, the picture she creates is poignant and a creatively detailed homage to her surroundings, feelings and experiences.
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hypefresh was able to catch up with the Maria Lynn to discuss her beginnings, musical identity and her aforementioned latest EP All or Nothing.

Q:  Your debut project “All or Nothing” explores a range of sounds and fusions, how did you come into your sound?

A: I have a really strong team and we experimented with a lot of sounds and concepts until we came up with all or nothing.

Q: Was music always a priority in your upbringing?

A: Yes, my mom always sang around the house and actually really pushed me to pursue singing. Music has always been a priority for me, even when I was kid. whether I’m listening to music, singing or playing guitar, its my happy place. Music has always been there for me.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

A: I have a lot musical influences, but my number one would have to be Justin Bieber

Q: What was the creative process of “All or Nothing” like?

A: It started off with Toniia sending over amazing tracks, I started to write with my partner and we fell in love with the music, and we decided to keep the energy flowing and before we knew it we had finished the ep.

Q: What fuels your artistry? Art, culture, life, relationships, etc?

A: My daily life fuels my artistry. The experiences that I have with love, and heart breaks. The pain and happiness that comes with it, and the intensity of life itself. I went through a hard time in highschool, when depression and anxiety really became present in my life, and the pain that I felt really helped me tap into my creative side.
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Q: All or Nothing has been well received by many! How does it feel to know that your music is resonating with the heart and minds of so many?

A: It honestly means the world to me, knowing that people are loving my music, and relating to it. Getting messages on instagram or Facebook from fans is so heartwarming, It makes my days. I know music has brought so much beauty into my life and to be able to have that same effect in someone else’s life is everything to me.

Q: What message do you want to leave with your music?

A: The message that I want to leave with my music is that everybody needs love, no matter what kind of relationship. I just want to spread that energy through my music.

Q: Anything else in store for 2017?

A: I have so much in store for this year! I have a new single coming out soon called “Elastic” and a music video for it as well. Hopefully some live performances, and hopefully finish my album!

Q: Any tips for upcoming artists?

A: Some tips I have for upcoming artists is to not be afraid to take risks and chances. Believe in yourself and find the right people to surround yourself with, people who believe in yourself as well. Im super thankful to have such a supportive team.
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For more information on Maria Lynn, visit her iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.


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