EXCLUSIVE: Meet Benny Banks X Joe Black; UK’s Brazen, Bad & Boasy Duo

Meet Benny Banks X Joe Black

Labeled as “brazen, bad and boasy,” two of Islington’s finest rapper’s, Joe Black and Benny Banks are slated to drop a proper full length collaborative album, showing that they still reign supreme in the UK rap game.

Their collaborative history sees a range of collaborations that stem over the last decade with the North London duo making their names in the come up of the genre. Fueled by their fierce lyrical style, juxtaposed against their deep, imperturbable tones, Benny Banks and Joe Black are back in business bringing new levels to this rap game.

hypefresh caught up with the dynamic duo to simply delve into their beginnings, lyrical prowess and their forthcoming album BNB.

Q:You both provide a dynamic and refreshing delivery with your music. How did the “dynamic duo” begin?

JB: Just by growing up in the same area and knowing the same people. We’re friends so it’s natural for s to collaborate

BB: Yeah what he said basically

Q: What have you learned from yourselves or each other through collaborating?

JB: I think it’s good to have someone to help push you and motivate you to make better music

BB: Yeah exactly that we bounce off each other rather than learn.

Q: Explain the meaning of “Fvck Boys.” Where did the concept come from?

JB: Anybody who is an enemy of progress is a fuckboy to me. Keep them away from me lol

BB: A fuck boy is a fuck boy, self explanatory tbh its like a clown and snake rolled in to one

Q: When you first heard the production, what was that experience like?

JB: It was different and I fed off of Banks energy and vibe. It grew on me once it was mixed.

BB: Just another day in the office lol

Q: Both tracks “Way Too Long,” and “Fvck Boys” have contradictory soundwaves. Can you describe your sound? You guys seem very versatile.

JB: That’s the beauty of music. There are no boundaries and the common theme is the bars. The soundtrack can vary and i feel we are both comfortable on many different waves

BB: I’m just here to make good music

Q: Lyrically, you both have underlying social commentary. What inspires the creative aspect to your artistry?

JB: The music i listened to growing up influenced my style. That east coast “lyrical” rap,

BB: life

Q: What can listeners expect from your forthcoming project, ‘BNB?’

JB: A pick n mix of different waves.

BB: Bangers!


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