Exclusive: Kehlani “YSBH” Tour Photos


Despite the intense summer sun that scorched the greater of Sacramento, California, the stage was set for the sizzling new R&B artist Kehlani, who resumed her You Should be Here tour at Harlow’s Nightclub, which was hosted by ENT Legends.

Her talent and passion alone helped sell the show out in two hours, but fans also packed the lounge for her hot new single “You Should be Here”.

The Bay area native’s pristine vocals combined with her sensual dance moves created a dynamic duo that kept the crowd going all night despite the sweltering heat inside that left some fans unconscious.

As the safety concern rose, the “YSBH” tour was postponed for minutes as waters were passed around, but fans weren’t left disappointed as fellow Bay area artist Show Banga made a surprise performance to continue the show.

Fans waited all night long for her most anticipated song “The Way”, which all but concluded a wild show, but not before Kehlani left her fans with an intimate and positive message before fans filed out.

Video: Tsunamisode (YSBH Tour) Part 2

Check out the photos provided by Carlos Campos and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

-Written by Armando Martinez


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