Everything You Need To Know About The Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7

The tech giant “Samsung“, has once again redefined the limits of technology from the convenience of your palm. Samsung’s flagship phone series backed by the android operating system is sure to attract attention with the release of the “Note 7”. The Phablet accompanied with a octa-core processor, 5.7 display screen, water proof capabilities, and iris (eye) scanner proves to be key features that continues to maintain Samsung’s reputation for being innovative in a competitive market. Android’s latest operating system of Nougat on the device, ensures the proper support for the gamer, business man, or on the go movie watcher.

Known for it’s many alluring phone features, Samsung continues to hold it’s own against it’s arch rival iphone. With all of it’s grand features, expect nothing less than footing a heavy bill for the beloved phone. The Note 7 pricing starts from $849.99, and up through most carriers. It’s known features such as the S-Pen, Multi-window operation, and document editing abilities still make’s it the ultimate productivity device.

Samsung’s Note 7 slender glass body gives it a premium feel and look. The tech device also comes in an array of colors such as: Gold, Black Onyx, Gold, Coral Blue, and Silver Titanium. Outside of it’s physical display, the super phone provides ample storage and operation with 64GB of space. In addition, the Note also has a pro feature in the camera setting that helps enhances photo’s taken in low light environments. Another entertaining feature that the Note 7 provides, is the ability to record video content and share via GIF text.

If all of the dynamic features of the phone don’t impress you, then Samsung’s accessories proves to be worthy of mentioning. The VR headset enables you to dive into the virtual reality world in creative fashion. The Note allows for the ultimate gamer to experience games on another level which is sure to make time pass. The fast charger allows for charging to be cut down into a third of it’s normal time for the busy person on the run. Samsung also provides wireless head phones, ear buds, fit band, and Gear G2 watch for the ultimate companionship. Watch the android authority review for a complete layout of the device capabilities.


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