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    Eve Says The New Generation Of Artists Lack Uniqueness

    Many OG emcees have a few choice words to describe the new generation of rappers. While some enjoy the new wave of music from these “fresh-faced” artists, others don’t. For instance, OG rap star Eve doesn’t exactly understand this new generation of artists. During a recent interview, Eve shared that these up-and-coming stars lack uniqueness. Clearly, the rap star believes that the emcees from her time had a lot more to say in their songs.

                Eve Doesn’t Believe the New Generation of Artists Possess Uniqueness

    new generation of artists
    via Deadline

    During a recent appearance on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Eve shared some interesting thoughts on the new generation of rappers. The Queens star even went as far as to say that they new rappers lack uniqueness.

    “What I don’t [like] is there’s a lot of clones. I feel like back in the day, uniqueness was celebrated. I think now there’s a lot of the sameness. It makes it boring a lot of the time – for me,” the Queens star told the comedic Trevor Noah.

    Eve’s sentiment sounds similar to many OG emcees who dislike the new generation of rappers. Though, she’s keeping an open mind with the new music that’s around.

    The OG Rap Star Hopes Her Show Queens Recaptures the Essence of 90s Hip-Hop

    new generation of artists
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    The star further revealed during her interview that she hopes she can revive 90’s hip-hop with her show Queens. Moreover, Eve stated that she believes there was a certain “purity” to the music from the 90s and early 2000s.

    “I think there was so many crews and so much, I don’t know, the energy at that time was great. And that, for me with this show, if we can capture that, people who know about that time will love this show. Also, it’s not just the music, it’s the women,” Eve stated during the interview.

    It seems like Eve knows good music, even if it’s coming from the new generation of artists.


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