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    Eve Declaring Lil Kim The Bitch Of The 2000’s?

    If you followed the Ruff Ryders in the late 90’s then you surely know who Eve was. The Philly native proved to be one of the hottest female spitters around at that time.

    It’s no secret that Eve was one of the most fierce female emcees to ever touch the mic. The rapper landed several hits in the 2000’s, and was considered at the top of a dying breed. Overall, Eve would go on to have several hits. However, in a recent interview Eve declaring Lil Kim the bitch back in the day is surprising.

    Eve Declaring Lil Kim A Bitch

    While Eve was on her rise to stardom, clearly Lil Kim was already at the top of the mountain. Kim was already in the presence of greatness alongside Biggie, Diddy, Mase, and other label mates under Bad Boy Ent. It’s no surprise that the two powerhouse females didn’t initially hit it off when they first met.

    “Before I’d met anybody, I always thought of it as this sisterhood. I thought we were all gonna be friends. It was not like that. I’d see [Lil] Kim and say hi, and she’d be like: ‘Get the f*ck away from me.” Not verbally – you could just tell what she was thinking. But I was in a bubble and it never felt like a competition. I loved Missy [Elliott] and Kim but I never wanted to be them.”

    At the moment Eve is looking to make her return to the music scene with her fifth studio album. The rapper has been away for some time, as she’s been living her best life with her billionaire husband. Overall the hip-hop world will surely be eager to hear the direction of her music in the streaming era of music. Furthermore, she recalled further details into her early interactions with the Queen of Hip-hop.

    “When I first started in the business, I had been a big big giant fan of Lil Kim. So, I would run up to her and be like, ‘Hey girl, I love you so much. I just got signed. Can you please be on my album?'” she said on her daytime talk show, The Talk in January 2018.

    It wouldn’t be long before Lil Kim would respond to the commentary of Eve. Now it seems as though both of the legendary women are now friends.

    In conclusion, do you think Eve declaring Lil Kim the bitch Of The 2000s is a fair assessment? Who else does Eve have beef with? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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