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    Evangelion Movies Are Now on Youtube


    If you are a fan of confusion then we have great news for you. Studio Khara has released the Evangelion movies to began streaming the first three Rebuild films, Evangelion: 1.0 You Are Not Alone, Evangelion:2.0 You Can Not Advance, and Evangelion:3.0 You Can Not Redo on the Eva-Extra smartphone app on Saturday and on YouTube on Monday. The free online release will be available until April 30 (check the links below).

     1.0 You Are Not Alone

    2.0 You Can Not Advance

    3.0 You Can Not Redo

    The movies are in Japanese so you will have to go to the settings and change everything. Evangelion is one of the most loved and confusing animes, even to this day. This anime Classic has new and old fans that are still trying to understand the mecha series as it has a weird and unique touch on growth, religion, mental health, and love.

    Evangelion Movies Are Now on Youtube

    Netflix has started to stream the original series and the ending movie to the anime. There is no telling when or if they will get movies 1.0-3.0. But one can hope.  As for now if you are a fan and had yet to see these movies please check them out.

    Comment below and let us know what you think about the series and the movies.

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