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    Ethnic Violence in Ethiopia: 21 Dead. 61 Injured.

    Tragic news out of south Ethiopia.

    After two days of fighting between ethnic groups, at least 21 people have been killed and 61 others wounded. The last few days saw the locale near the town of Moyale, an area bordering Kenya, destroyed by violence between the Oromos and Somali Garre fighters. Violence soared after Abiy Ahmed, the first Oromo leader in modern Ethiopian history, became prime minister in April.

    The war led to hundreds of refugees seeking asylum in Kenya. According to Aljazeera, a Dec. 13th United Nations report confirmed that the fighting involved heavy artillery. They also believe it’s likely that the fighting will spill over into Kenya.

    “People have been killed, business premises bombed and torched, houses have also been set ablaze in the fight between Oromo and Somali Garre fighters,” says human rights activist Wario Sora.

    What do you think? Do you see an end to this carnage? How can this be resolved? F0r more news, keep it locked to!


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