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    ESPN Analyst Robert Griffin III Leaves on air Because Duty Calls

    Recently, former NFL QB and now ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III was welcomed to ESPN’s college football broadcasts. However, he couldn’t stick around for the entirety of the TCU and Michigan semifinal game. During ESPN’s “Field Pass with the Pat McAfee Show,” took a phone call at the end of the third quarter and randomly sprinted off the set. Like many, his co-hosts were all confused. For several reasons, one is why Griffin took a call live on-air and two is why he sprinted off out of nowhere.

    Naturally, the co-hosts began celebrating with him shortly after he revealed the news of his wife, Grete Griffin, going into labor. In real-time, this was an awesome moment to be included in and feel the wholesomeness of the moment. This not being scripted allowed for the moment to be that much greater for the world, as well as Robert Griffin III.

    In July, Robert Griffin III announced Greta was pregnant with their third child. In all, Griffin has four children, three with Great and one from his previous marriage. All in all, let’s celebrate more life and wish the Griffins. Let’s hope for nothing but great health and more blessings going into the New Year.


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