Erykah Badu Covers Hotline Bling

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu covers Drake’s Hotline Bling AND gives instructions on when to call her.

Sources say that once upon a time Drake used to visit Badu to open up on his relationship problems with Rihanna. She reportedly made tea for him as they talked about his love life. At least that’s what Drake told us in his “Days of the East” single.

Erykah Badu took the song and put her own spin on things. She switched up the chorus and then gave instructions on when to call her. For example, she says,”if you’re calling to wish her a Happy Birthday, Kwanzaa, MLK, Black History Month, Juneteenth, or Hanukkah, press 2.”If you’re calling to beg for some shit in general, press 4.”

Twitter seemed to love the remix.

Erykah Badu-1
Erykah Badu-2

Badu will also be releasing a mixtape soon! Can’t wait to see what this project brings.



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