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    NYC Mayor Eric L. Adams And HipHopGamer Talk Gaming In The Hood

    The scientific value and impact of video games

    Leading researchers say playing games can provide people with new perspectives on psychology, sociology, and technology to engage them in social change. Video games combine elements of cooperation and competition to provoke creative problem solving while fostering engagement.

    Indeed, several positive effects can be found in video games, with health benefits ranging from better memory, problem-solving skills, and an improved mood to improved social skills.

    The arguments against video games might include that they make one lazy, harm the brain, or ruin one’s social life. However, video games actually do have a wide range of physical, cognitive, and social benefits.

    In fast-paced video games like Need For Speed or Call of Duty, you must think quickly and act decisively. Playing energizing action games attributes to improved decision-making abilities in everyday life.

    Those who play action-packed video games, according to a 2010 study from the University of Rochester, could make better choices than non-gamers or people who play slower-paced games.

    Participants underwent tests both of visual and audio decision-making. The action gamer group performed the tasks at a rate of around 25 percent faster than the other groups even though they all performed with similar accuracy.

    HIPHOPGAMER and Eric L. Adams detail the educational impact of gaming

    Creating change requires a person or company to go against traditional thinking and inject bold innovation without compromise. Undoubtedly, cutting through corporate red tape and delivering organic educational resources reflects the genius of Eric L. Adams. Furthermore, NYC’s mayor, Eric L. Adams addressed the need to expand the capacity of gaming locally.

    Teaming up with the industry’s #1 gamer in HIPHOPGAMER, both people possess a wealth of resources to implement a home-run blueprint. Eric L. Adams’ high-energy and relentless work ethic fits perfectly with HIPHOPGAMER’s industry prowess.

    Besides the fact, both live in NYC and are committed to showcasing why gaming is an essential part of youth culture. Without the power and influence of games, it will be impossible to educate the future.

    Eric L. Adams details his love for gaming and blueprint for success with HIPHOPGAMER.

    MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY ERIC L. ADAMS & HipHopGamer Talk Gaming Impacting The Hood – YouTube 



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