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    Emory Jones X Puma: “Bet On Yourself Collection”

    The Roc is definitely in the building as PUMA and Emory Jones have joined forces for the new “Bet On Yourself” Collection. Highlighting the Roc Nation marketing maven responsible for their famed logo and new clothing collection, the video and apparel line serve as an introduction to The Emory Jones Project — based on the man and his virtues.

    “Where I grew up, there was a sense of urgency instilled in us from birth. If we didn’t make it big and make it fast we wouldn’t be anything, therefore gambling was always seen as quick route to success but nobody ever told us that the only betting we should ever do is on ourselves,” recalls Emory. “If you don’t set goals for yourself, other people will always run your life. Eventually I accepted that greatness was a process and I would stay on that course no matter what hand I was dealt.”

    Propelled by positivity and progression, this clip shows some of his story while also featuring the PUMA Star and PUMA Dual models that pack nods to RN exec. Peep the #BetOnYourself collection in the photos and video below, available now here.



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