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    Emmanuel Franklin Fucked His Mom Over $130!

    Just when we thought the world was crazy, it actually got worst. Meet Emmanuel Franklin.

    From an Irish man injecting semen in his arm to doctors pumping beer into patients’ stomachs, the world is an interesting place. But, this one is quite puzzling for sure. According to a report, a South Carlina man tricked his own mother. Yes, he tricked his mother into thinking that he was kidnapped. And the ransom? It was a punk ass $130.

    Police officers in Sumter, South Carolina arrested the 19-year-old by the name of Emmanuel Franklin on charges of extortion. Specifically, the arrest came after she received a call from the “kidnappers” saying they would kill her unless she left money in the mailbox.

    Therefore, police officers said Emmanuel Franklin admitted to staging and conceptualizing the kidnapping in order to retrieve the money from his mother.

    Talk about a motherfucker!

    So, what do you all think? Please comment below and for more WTF news, keep it locked to!

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