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    Eminem Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson with “Billie Jean” Remix

    Eminem’s gotta use every opportunity he has to compare himself to a fellow great! His lyricism continues to be unmatched in hip-hop. The single features lines from Michael Jackson’s hit mixed with Eminem’s baleful beat and passionate playboy lyrics. “I got her back, but I’m spineless!”

    Although I got to be honest that as an Eminem fan, the track is disappointing. Eminem is undoubtedly a G.O.A.T. who respects art, but it is also a bit obvious. Eminem could have gone way harder to honor MJ’s legacy! It is an especially difficult truth to swallow because Eminem already went arguably harder with making the King of Pop the butt of his jokes on his iconic jam, “Just Lose It”.

    The tension between the two songs fusing together mirrors the narratives of both tortured artists. Genius reports that MJ was inspired to “write a song with a great bass hook.” In 2022, Eminem isn’t about to let a great bass hook go to waste! But the mix is not nearly as Eminem’s past covers. It is also missing the tight narrative structure and biting social commentary Eminem is beloved for! Eminem is never a lazy writer, but these lyrics simply do not compare to the depth of thinking and humanity Eminem has proven to be capable of!

    “I am whatever you say I am/If I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?” Somewhere along the way, Eminem stopped being vulnerable in his music. He’s definitely one of the best, but he hasn’t had a banger like the old days in a long time. Something is missing, and it might be Em’s softer side!

    Though it is unclear if Eminem is rapping about real life experiences, MJ insists the song is a work of fiction. Em pays homage to MJ with his rap version of a tale of doomed lovers. Eminem’s own personal life has seen its fair share of parenthood related drama. Eminem knows just what to do with a hook about domestic pain! And, he did it.

    Eminem reminds music listeners of the boundless creativity a pop icon like MJ contained. Do you like the remix? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!



    1. Agree with you totally. I just listened to the track and agreed, it is lacking and almost an insult to both artists. It’s certainly marketable with MJ attached to the proje ct. But even that makes it weak because it is lacking still. Sorry, I usually enjoy Eminem. (I still got love for him too).

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