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    Eminem, Kim’s Emotional Musical Ride Of Marriage And Childrearing

    How Eminem’s Past Dictated His Relationships

    Many of Eminem’s A.K.A. Slim Shady’s most popular tracks are about him having survived the adverse events of his childhood, but far less attention is given to his darker, even more villainous songs. Eminem released songs like “’97 Bonnie and Clyde” and “Kim”  while the couple was still together. The malicious songs written about her and performed by Eminem, and his public discussion of their relationship resulted in at least two suicide attempts by Kim.

    Slim Shady is a different beast. Unlike other alter egos that come from a more imaginative and playful experience of performance, the alter ego “Slim Shady” feels personal to Eminem. It directly reflects who he is as a character. Slim Shady is who Eminem becomes once his ego flourishes. And he is still unable to overcome the abuses of his childhood and treat Kim better.

    Kim and Eminem have been together since the two were teenagers in Michigan. Though they are no longer married, they still coparent together. They were together when the rapper released his debut solo album, Infinite, and they had their first biological child, Hailie Jade, in December of 1995.

    The couple have three children together in total.

    Some of Eminem’s music reflects his darkest moments. In “Stay Wide Awake”, the Detroit native compares himself to the devil. “No man would boldly go, to this place/The devil only knows, of this world/So dark and oh so cold…” It is difficult to listen to a man who speaks so highly of his family portray himself in such a brutal light. Slim Shady made Eminem relatable to brooding listeners but will come to represent the artist’s struggle to love himself as a family man.




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