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    Embiid Blasts Ben, Team Has Always Catered To Simmons’ Needs

    Embiid Disagrees With Simmons’ Behavior

    Embiid did not mince words when calling out his teammate, Ben Simmons.

    “The situation is disappointing, borderline kind of disrespectful to all the guys out here fighting for their lives. Some guys rely on the team being successful to stay in the league and make money somehow.”

    As of late, the professional ball player is avoiding training camp because he is bitter for being called out about his post-season performance. Furthermore, Simmons does not want to play for the Sixers who were planning on trading him anyway. Therefore, to save face, Simmons is saying he wanted to be traded and will not play for the Sixers once the season starts.

    Ben simmons tantrum may cost him in the end
    Embiid calls out Simmons and Sixers saying they should have kept Jimmy Butler. Embiid blasts Ben
    Via 76ers

    Embiid Continues to Blast Ben

    Embiid didn’t let up there. He continued to speak his mind.

    “Our teams have always been built around his needs.”

    Ben simmons, Joel Embiid, and Jimmy Butler
    Ben simmons, Joel Embiid, and Jimmy Butler. Embiid blasts Ben
    Via NBA 76ers

    “Our team has always been built around [Ben Simmons’] needs. ..Even going back to Jimmy, which I still think was a mistake, just to make sure he needed the ball in his hands.”

    Embiid is tired of Ben Simmon’s tantrums. Embiid blasts Ben, saying the team made a mistake letting go of Jimmy Butler. Butler spent part of one season with the Sixers. Then, Jimmy left for Miami Heat, thriving there. Upon leaving, Butler’s performance has catapult him into a star.  Now, Embiid is filled with regret over losing him, 2”while Ben Simmons had more opportunities with the ball.

    May Lead to Lose-Lose Situation For All Involved

    Unfortunately, unless the Sixers can secure a trade for Ben in the next couple of weeks, the Sixers may be stuck without a valuable player to replace him. Begrudgingly, Simmons has refused to play for the Sixers.  He began to adopt that atittude when he became aware of the Sixers plans to  trade him. Moreover, as his post-season performance has soured his value, he will not do anything that might increase it. And, it seems that Simmon’s attitude is rubbing his teammates the wrong way. If he is not careful, Simmons may burn all his bridges before finding his place somewhere by the season’s start.


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