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    Queen Elizabeth Slaps the Royal Shit Out of Her Nephew

    Make no mistake, the Queen of England has definitely got a mean side to her. And Elton John has seen it up close and personal.

    It is in his new book “Me” that Elton discloses the shocking behavior he once saw Queen Elizabeth display at a party, reports Page Six. 

    It’s so shocking, that it’ll make you clutch your pearls…ok, maybe not…but it’s definitely not the image of the Queen that we’re used to seeing.

    In fact, it actually makes the Queen seem like a bit of a royal badass.

    The Queen’s Shocking Behavior

    Elton writes in his book that he was at a party with the Queen when he saw her conversing with her nephew Viscount Linley. Apparently, the Queen was attempting to get Viscount to babysit his sister Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones.

    But, Viscount didn’t want to.

    So, like a Queen, Queen Elizabeth showed Viscount who’s boss.

    Elton shares that Queen slapped some obedience into her nephew.

    “When he [Linley] repeatedly tried to fob her off, the Queen lightly slapped him across the face, saying ‘Don’t’ – slap – ‘argue’ – slap – ‘with’ – slap – ‘me’ – slap – ‘I’ – slap – ‘am’ – slap – ‘THE QUEEN!’”

    Immediately after the slap, the Queen barely batted an eye. Instead, she gave the “Bennie and the Jets” singer a wink from the distance and carried on about her business.

    Elton’s new book is expected to be released on October 15. Within it, you can read more about the scandalous party.

    Any thoughts? How do you feel about Queen Elizabeth slapping her nephew? Should Elton John have kept that a secret? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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