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    Elon Musk Bans Ye From Twitter Again

    You know it’s bad when the president has to get involved! Everyday, Ye lives up more and more to his song, “Black Skinhead”! Regardless of if Ye hates Jewish people or not, it is clear that his ignorance is sparking actions grounded in hate. For example, The LA times is still receiving death threats for inviting Ye to tour their museum! They posted about it in a Twitter thread.

    Elon Musk made it clear through a series of Tweets that although Ye’s final Tweet was in fact an unflattering meme of the owner himself, Ye was being banned for political extremism and attempting to incite racial-based violence. Elon Tweeted on Friday, “You know Twitter is being fair when extremists on far right and far left are simultaneously upset!”


    1. Wow, what a sh*t show.
      Well orchestrated I might add too.
      Kanye should just stick to making music these days.

    2. Sad times on planet earth.
      Planet earth is soooooo strange!
      But not as strange as some of the “people” living on it.

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