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Ella Mai Got That Ass Dragged For British Roots In R&B


After a fan questioned Ella Mai and her validity in the R&B space, a Twitter war began.

The Grammy winner tweeted how elated she was for the state of R&B and it left some true fans pissed the fuck off! Specifically, one user by the name of @raerenyse called Ella’s vocals poor and ignored based on her looks. Don’t believe us? Check out the tweet below:

And it looks as though @raerenyse might have a great point! If you recall, Ella Mai could barely name an Aretha Franklin song when questioned on the Grammy Red Carpet. According to HotNewHipHop, the interview was an awkward and confusing mess.

It looks as though Ella Mai’s British roots are causing quite a stir for American R&B artists. But, what do all you believe? Are Ella Mai’s light skin and curly hair the reason for her success? Please drop a comment below and for more gossip, keep it locked to!

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Yes i said it

There’s people out here “writing books” but wouldn’t be able to explain the parts of speech or identify the difference between there, their, and they’re. Where are the guidelines that says knowledge of the history is mandatory? She doesn’t need to know the background of R&B to make music, though it may help her appreciate it more and progress more. Honestly she got stumped on the carpet, so what? Maybe she’s just not an Aretha Franklin fan. Who knows. But she’s an artist of the present, not 20 years ago. People need not have that mindset and drag a person… Read more »

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