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    Elements Playlists: Hip-Hop Songs About “Water”

    From mystical tales of a higher power to expensive things and even to sin, the range of topics is broad. But, songs about water are always emotional. That is essential for human life. Here is a list of hip-hop songs about water.

    5 Hip Hop Song About Water

    Gucci Tube Socks

    According to, “dripping” is synonymous with expensive when rappers are talking jewelry. Based on these sopping lyrics in this song, these rappers are ballin’ like water polo. “I’m dropping the top! No need for the tint I’m extra!”

     Pure As Water

    Watery imagery can be interpreted as being religious. It’s no surprise that Ye would follow these literary guidelines. With lyrics like “Jesus flow through us” Ye is referencing biblical passages. Those are, biblical passages like “as water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” (Proverbs 32:2 NIV)

    She Drip Like Water

    “Say she love my style and my fragrance. Huh? Let’s vacation!” “Sauce” is another liquid that a rapper can be drippin’ in! Hopefully, science will soon be able to discern what the medical differences are between sauce and “juice”.

    Thanks Ugly God for the Water

    According to’s annotations, this song is all about having women “hypnotized”. “Water” in this case is really a metaphor for the effect Ugly God has on other men’s girlfriends. “I drip on your b*tch like water!”

    Kodak Black Goes In The Deep End

    Some rappers use water to mean something that is the complete opposite of glamour or  purity. Kodak Black uses “water” to describe the streets in his music. “My mama always told me ’bout that water/And I said, ‘Okay, Ma! I’m just gon’ put my feet in!’”

    What does water symbolize to you? Does it mean multiple things depending on the context? Let us know which hip-hop songs about water you can relate to by leaving a comment!



    1. I prefer Kanye’ West’s video the best out of the videos sampled in this piece.
      Water to me is something to: drink, bath in, swim in, clean clothes with, etc…
      No double entendre for me with this word.

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