Ebro Refuses To Help Kanye Organize Trump & Kaepernick Meeting

Ebro Refuses To Help Kanye Organize

Hot 97 host Ebro Darden is back with another story about Kanye West. This time, Kanye proposed for Ebro to contact him with Colin Kaepernick, so the former quarterback could accompany him to a meeting with Donald Trump at the White House on Oct. 11.

Kanye defended the meeting as a way to start a dialogue, but he pushed back, asking, “What would be in it for Colin Kaepernick for going to go up to the White House?”

The answer is simple: Its nothing more than a photo opportunity for the upcoming election! Nice one Kanye.

But what do you guys think? Check out the video above and in other news, 2Pac is living in Malaysia according to Suge Night’ Son. 




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