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Ebro Darden: Kap Never Approved of Travis Scott’s Super Bowl Show


Rumors have been projected into the atmosphere that Colin Kaepernick has approved of Travis Scott’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

The rumors started to circulate after media outlets tweeted the news. But leave it to Ebro Darden to smell bullsh*t when it happens. Darden challenged Variety’s tweet with his own facts.

“Kap did not approve this bullshit! Get the fuck outta here….,” he tweeted in response.

Apparently, Scott and Kaepernick never reached an agreement on that subject. And actually, it’s difficult to confirm if Travis Scott ever reached out to Kaepernick, or a member of his team at all.

Kaepernick seems to agree with Darden though. After Darden publicly denounced the “fake news”, Kaepernick retweeted him.

Darden claims that it would have been very unlikely for Kaepernick to agree with Scott’s performance. After all, we’re talking about a performance for the same organization that has shown uninterest in CK. Even Rihanna has publicly refused to headline the 2019 show. After his protest of police brutality and unequal rights for black people, Kaepernick been missing on the field.

So far, Travis Scott will still be performing. Sources say he only agreed to perform if the NFL made a $500,000 donation to a “charity that brings light to social justice.” Despite it all, the Super Bowl will air Feb. 3, from Atlanta. 

Thoughts? Do you think Kaepernick would agree to Scott’s performance? Leave your comments in our comment section below!

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