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    Eagles Still Have A Shot At Playoffs

    Eagles Still Have a Chance At Making The Playoffs

    The Eagles have continuously struggled to meet expectations this season. This can be seen by things such as their current record of 5-6. Although this doesn’t seem like all too great of a thing the Eagles still have a shot at the playoffs.

    Currently, the team is ranked second in the NFC East. The only team ranked above them in their division is the Dallas Cowboys, who have a 6-5 record. Whereas the Redskins and Giants, the other two teams in their division, hold abysmal records of 2-9. This means that they only have to outperform one team to make the playoffs, giving them much better odds.

    It’s Been A Rough Season So Far

    The Eagles still have a chance at making the playoffs, but offensive struggles have made this more difficult. Many people have gone to blame starting QB, Carson Wentz, and head coach, Doug Pederson, for the team’s current issues. Wentz and Pederson do deserve to take partial blame for the team’s struggles, but there are a number of other causes that should not be overlooked. Unfortunately, the Eagles have been faced with multiple offensive threats becoming injured throughout the season.

    Injuries to offensive players this season include names such as RBs Jordan Howard and Darren Sproles as well as key tackles Lane Johnson and Jason Peters. Another major problem with the Eagle’s offensive production stems from a lack of quality receivers. This can be seen by the loss of essential receivers DeSean Jackson, Nelson Agholor, and Alshon Jeffery.
    Eagles Still Have A Shot-1

    The Defense Isn’t To Blame

    Whereas the offense has yet to really step up this season, the same cannot be said for this team’s defense. Although there have been some slip-ups overall the Eagle’s defense has been able to perform on a consistent level. Evidence of this can be seen by the team’s ability to hold the Patriots and Seahawks to 17 points respectively. This team’s defense has let the Eagles still have a chance at making the playoffs.

    Eagle’s Remaining Schedule Is Quite Easy

    Thankfully for the Eagles’ sake, the remainder of their schedule is really quite easy. Out of the 5 remaining games that they have left to play, only the Cowboys currently hold a record better than 2-9. Whereas Dallas’ remaining games actually involve some level of competition. The Cowboys are set to play teams that have almost won at least half their games or more besides the Redskins. In order to make the playoffs, all the Eagles have to do is outperform Dallas for the remainder of the season, and beat them in their final faceoff.

    What do you guys think though? Do the Eagles still have a shot at the playoffs? Or will this lackluster season of offensive woes only go to continue?


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