Eagles Somehow Lose To The Dolphins

The Eagles Can’t Even Beat Miami

Another week and another disappointing showing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Somehow the Eagles lost against the Dolphins. It is not even completely Philadelphia’s fault that the team is doing so bad. Unfortunately, for the Eagles, the team has seen a significant number of their players getting injured this season.

Offensive weapons such as Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor were able to play against Miami. Prior to this though Jeffery and Agholor missed a number of key games for the team due to injuries. Still one would hope that the Eagles would be doing better this season. Especially against such a bad team like the Miami Dolphins.

Prior to Miami’s win against Philadelphia, they were only averaging 14 points per game. Whereas in comparison Miami was able to score a staggering 37 points against the Eagles. The Dolphins are ranked last in the AFC East and had a record of 2-9 prior to beating the Eagles.

The Eagles’ Offense Had A Decent Showing

The Eagles have struggled offensively so far this season. When playing against Miami though they were actually able to have a decent showing. Being able to score 31 points against any team is impressive. This becomes slightly less impressive though when one goes to realize that the Dolphins opponents’ average 31.4 points scored per game this season.

Carson Wentz was able to put up solid numbers against Miami. Wentz completed 28 out of his 46 pass attempts, had 310 passing yards, as well as threw for 3 touchdowns. Recently returned receiver Alshon Jeffery was able to have a solid game catching 9 passes for 137 yards and scoring 1 touchdown.

It is likely that Nelson Agholor should have been targeted more though. He was able to put up 41 yards but only caught the ball 3 times throughout the course of the game. Although Wentz and a couple of his receivers had impressive showings the team still struggled to make clutch plays. Zach Ertz dropped a couple key passes that could have resulted in touchdowns. The occurrence of dropping key passes is something that seems all too familiar when it comes to the Eagles this season.
Eagles Somehow Lose-1

Philadelphia’s Defense Dropped The Ball

The Eagles lost against the Dolphins and their defense is to blame. Although the Eagles had a decent showing offensively this game, the same cannot be said for the team’s defensive efforts. The team’s lack of defensive success allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick to have one of his best games of the year. Fitzpatrick completed 69.2% of his passes, threw for 365 yards and scored 4 touchdowns.

That is the most yards that Fitzpatrick has thrown for the entire season. Along with this Fitzpatrick’s completion percentage of 69.2% against Philadelphia is significantly higher than his career average of 60.3%. This combined with impressive showings from receivers DeVante Parker and Mike Gesicki accompanied by the Eagle’s dreadful defensive showing led to the Dolphins being able to secure the victory.

There’s Still Hope For The Eagles

Although the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans should not be proud of their team’s performances as of recent, they can still have some hope for the remainder of the season. The NFC East is really quite the weak division at the moment. The Cowboys only lead the NFC East by one more win than the Eagles, still giving them a chance at making the playoffs.

What do you guys think though? Can this team pull it together and make the playoffs? Or does the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles lost against the Dolphins go to prove that the team doesn’t have what it takes?


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