E.R doctor who treated Virus Patients commits suicide

E R doctor who treated Virus Patients commits

When Will It Stop

Throughout the course of this pandemic the coronavirus has claimed many lives. This disease at the moment is at has no cure and can be transmitted a multitude of ways. These are the factors that make this disease physically deadly. But with some people don’t even realize is that there are psychological repercussions of this pandemic. And stress of this disease has claimed another life this week.

E R doctor who treated Virus Patients commits

Doctor Lorna M. Breen, a top E.R Surgeon at NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, tragically committed suicide this passing Sunday. Her father Said in an Statement, “She tried to do her job, and it killed her,”

As many of us stay trapped in our houses during quarantine and trying to get cabin fever, it is hard to look outside of our own situations. Imagine having to go into work every single day risking your life dealing with patients, knowing that you may or may not be able to save them. This is more than likely what Doctor Breen had to deal with every day she commuted for Virginia to New York City, the corona capital of the country. Our condolences go out to Dr. Breen’s family and we thank her for her service towards helping people and that she was willing to put her life on the line during these hard times.

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R.I.P Doctor Lorna M. Breen


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