LISTEN: E.Nos Looks To Make A Powerful Statement With “Shoebox Money”

For the better part of the last decade, the Chicago scene has been one filled with talented emcees.

Well prepare to add another to the list, as a conscience rapper by the name of E.Nos is making his name. The Jamaican-American artist, found his art for spoken word in 2010. Til this day he credits Tupac, and Jay-Z, as vital parts of his emphasis in storytelling.

In 2011, E.Nos pursued a rap career and release his first record called “Dreaming”. Through his distinctive lyrical ability, E.Nos started developing a strong fan base that would introduce the world to his music. 2013, would mark an important milestone in E.Nos career, as he released his first prelude project entitled “The Pre-Game”. Shortly afterwards, he would go on to release his full length project called “Technique”. E.Nos continued to produce music when led to releasing a  mixtape project called “Loose Lighters” in 2015.

Jumping to the current year, E.Nos has released two singles called “Shoebox Money”, and”Push Start”, in anticipation for his upcoming project to be released this Summer. His optimism, creativity, and aspect of life, helps to secure his lane in the music industry!


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