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    DXB Expresses His Gratitude On “Roc Nation Brunch Freestyle”

    I know I have truly made it in life once they have invited me to the Roc Nation Brunch. Not because of the food, because I’ve never even seen anyone with a plate in their hand in any of the pics. But I know for a fact that the amount of knowledge I could learn from attending is priceless! Just being able to pick everyone’s brain and see their psyche would do wonders for me. I probably won’t be getting an invitation anytime soon, but I can live vicariously through DXB.

    Music Mogul

    When he’s not rapping dope rhymes, DXB is a full-time music executive. He attended one of the most prestigious historically Black universities, Morehouse. There is where he fully immersed himself in his passion for music. He also began working closely with two producers, Park3r and Twan Da God, eventually forming the group known as 6lement. After years of hard work, they start getting production placements with artists like Rylo Rodriguez, Nardo Wick, and even a No. 1 record with NBA Youngboy. DxB even showed flashes of him being a writer, receiving writing credits on songs with Kali and Calboy. There seems to be no limit to his potential and no sign of slowing down.

    Sky Is The Limit

    Especially after hearing that 6lement are signing a partnership deal with easily one of the most accomplished entertainment companies, Roc Nation. To celebrate this accomplishment, he dropped a fire-ass freestyle titled “Roc Nation Brunch Freestyle”. It’s good to see somebody else living my dreams. It’s so inspirational knowing someone, only 23, can already have such an impressive resume.

    Just because he’s not a full-time rapper, that doesn’t mean he can’t rap his ass off. It looks like it comes naturally to him and he does this freestyle with ease. Kudos to DxB for being able to freestyle like that. I feel like freestyling is starting to become a lost art in hip-hop. But artists like him are preserving the practice because it is one of the foundations of the legendary genre. Listening to this song makes me want to get off my ass and do something with my life.

    I highly recommend his debut EP Demo, if you like this song. This is only a taste of what DxB has to offer, as we can see there is more to come.

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