Dwight Howard Taking D*ck Denied!! Stop Lying!!


NBA center Dwight Howard is finally publicly addressing the elephant in the room. His sexuality continues to be in question from a large standpoint.

The drama surrounding Howard isn’t about his future in the NBA. Overall the NBA Center has been tied to an alleged intimate relationship with a popular social media man named Masin Elije. The person in question claims that he and Dwight had multiple encounters. Overall, Dwight Howard taking d*ck is denied!!

Masin has continued to bash the athlete because of his attempt to hide there relationship. Overall he is alleging that Howard allegedly tried to force the social media personality to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Ultimately, it would end up with Howard claiming that he doesn’t know him. In addition, during an interview, Howard officially spoke thought on the situation.

“It hurt. I sat at home, and I was like, ‘Man, I’ll never want to come outside again.’ I’m like, ‘Why?’


In conclusion, What are your thoughts on Dwight Howard taking d*ck? In addition, did he really get smashed by Masin Elije? Will he ever come out? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to Hypefresh.co.

Featured Image Credit:Ā Orlando Sentinel


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