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    Dwight Howard Is The Butt Of The Joke Because Of Sexual Preference

    Sexuality is something that shouldn’t be judged or make someone feel less than.

    However, over this weekend a whole lot of people decided to do so at the cost of NBA Center Dwight Howard’s integrity. Rumors have been going around that an acquaintance/ alleged ex-boyfriend exposed Howard for dealing with a transexual.  The person claims that they have been threaten on several occasions about coming out about the relationship.

    The individual making these accusation is a person by the name of Masin Elije, and she took to Twitter to put Dwight Howard on full blast. Masin claims to have proof of the intimate relationship, and has no issues speaking on there past experience. At the moment we’ve only heard one side of the story, but that did not stop Twitter from having a field day when it came to Howard’s situation. In 2018 it’s amazing that people still view people’s sexual preference as weird, and humorous.


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