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    Dwight Howard Slapping $10 Million Countersuit Against Alleged Ex-Lover

    Dwight Howard has been out of the limelight for some time now. However, he’s back after looking to dead claims of his intimate involvement with a Youtube star.

    Washington Wizards center  Dwight Howard is looking to clear his name in ties to a well known Gay social media personality. A person by the name of Masin Elije claims that Howard’s entourage threatens bodily harm after refusing to keep the relationship under wraps. The athlete wanted Elije to sign an NDA, and then filed a suit. However, now Howard legal counsel has filed a countersuit for $10 million.

    Dwight Howard $10 Million

    Many people allegedly have connected Howard’s recent injuries to intimate acts with the social media star. Dwight flat-out denies all interaction with the Elije. In addition, he claims that he has been used his influence to harass him on social media.  This includes outlandish comments causing plenty of controversies.

    “I was afraid to speak by today my life was threatened after I was sexually harassed, threatened and manipulated by someone I respected, my ex-boyfriend NBA player Dwight Howard and his camp also ‘catfished’ by his disrespectful a** PASTOR (sic).”

    Howard legal counsel believes that the person in question was attempting to promote his latest book. Furthermore, the social media star allegedly claims that Howard cheated on him at several transgender’s sex parties.

    Featured Image Credit: Orlando Sentinel 


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