He arguably is one of the best players to wear the number 3 on his Jersey.

Dwyane Wade is a 3x time NBA Champion (2006,2012,2013), 2x All-NBA First team member (2009,2010), NBA Finals MVP (2006), NBA Future Hall of Famer and more importantly, a good human being.

People know Dwayne for his time playing basketball for the Miami Heat. Winning a championship with Shaq diesel and two more with Lebron James. Outside of basketball. Dwayne is a champion to the people he helps and Bud Wieser made sure he knew that he is appreciated. As a result of his retirement. Bud Weiser thought of a great idea to show how he affects people both on and off the court.

The promo is a real tear-jerker. It almost had me ready to grab the tissue box. The commercial talks about how he helped some people with school, jobs, and just being recognized. Hence, the commercial gave us a real inside look at how D-wade really changed people’s lives for the better.

Dwayne Wade An Emotional-1

(Picture of Dwayne Wade and the people he helped)

In contrast, players all over the league are genuine people and do good. That’s why it’s hurtful when people like journalist Laura Ingraham, tell players to just “shut up and dribble”. For that reason, players continue to speak out on social injustice and helping people less fortunate than them.

Furthermore, Dwayne is enjoying his retirement with the beautiful Gaberial Union. He left the NBA with a legacy that any player would be proud of. He is still facing battles with people talking about his son’s sexuality, but outside of that. Life is good for Mr.Wade.

Tell us what you think about the commercial. Do you like it? Does it hit the heart? Let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure to check out the other articles on Dwayne Wade and the NBA on Hypefresh.



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