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    Duo Mal & Quill Radiate A Quiet Menace In Their Latest Banger “Beat Monster”

    Yung Mal & Lil Quill have quickly become two of the most promising young artists coming out of Atlanta and today they solidify their stamp with new single “Beat Monster” feat. Q Money.

    Trading bars and livening up each others’ rhymes with absurdly catchy ad-libs, Mal & Quill have an almost telepathic chemistry. Quietly stalking the subsonic trap instrumental like cheetahs hunting a gazelle, Mal & Quill feast on the beat in “Beat Monster,” their latest single. Produced by Marc Beatmonster, who gives the track its name, “Beat Monster” finds the two Zone 6 rising stars flexing their flow arsenals, switching from triplets to halting cadences to tumbling, over-the-bar-line flows, all accented with hypnotic ad-libs. Featuring a charismatic, auto-tuned appearance from Q Money, “Beat Monster” is the latest single from Blessed Lil Bastards 3Mal & Quill’s upcoming project. “Beat Monster” follows “Dolce Gabbana,” the duo’s collaboration with Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and the lavish videos for  “Laundry” and the Richie Souf-produced “Ain’t The Same.”

    Stream the track above and in other Hip-Hop  news:


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