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    Dua Lipa, Singer And Model, Royally Flaunts Her Nails

    It’s no secret that Dua Lipa is the princess of nail art. Dua Lipa’s vibrant and colorful aesthetic is reflected through her nails. The English artist never disappoints, and when it comes to nail trends she doesn’t follow them, she starts them.

    Celebrity Manicurist Michelle Humphrey explains over Zoom interview with Vogue that “Usually, Dua has a look that she fancies and she’ll pull images … And then we’ll either do that or sometimes I’ll add something or take something out, then it becomes its own thing.”

    Here are top nail designs that Dupa Lipa Rocked

    1. Brits Mani

    2. STUDIO2054 Performance Nails

     3. Fired Up for February

    Fired Up for February

    4. Dua Lipa Serves with Pink Butterflies

    How-To Recreate Dua Lipa's Butterfly Nail Design | American Salon

    5. The “New Rules” Is Feeling Autumnal


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    6. Lipa Channels Flower Power

    7. 90’s Inspired Nails

    Her latest nail art raises the bar. The flamboyant 3D art fits perfectly with the theme of Lipa’s Nostalgia tour, which begins this February in Miami.

    From Sparkly nails to snakeskin art, Dua Lipa has us rushing to the nail salon with new nail inspiration. Never seizing to disappoint the pop artist and nail chameleon, she uses her nails to communicate with her fans. Her creativity goes beyond just making a trip to the salon but sheds light on what she’s up to.

    Dua Lips truly needs her own nail series. Keeping up with Dua Lipa’s Nails would be the perfect way for the fans to understand the creative genius behind her nail art. Until then, we will have to be satisfied with Instagram posts from the Nail Princess herself.



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