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    Drummer Of ‘Rush’ Neil Peart Dies At 67

    Rock and Roll lost one of the great drummers of the genre. Neil Peart was the drummer of the Rock and Roll band ‘Rush’. His death had happened on January 7th in Santa Monica, California. It had been revealed that the death of Neil Peart was due to brain cancer. He was 67.

    ‘Rush’ had posted on Twitter on Friday about his untimely death saying that the drummer was battling brain cancer for “three and a half years.” The band also stated in their tweet to “respect the family’s need for privacy and peace at this extremely painful and difficult time.” The band also said in their tweet  “Those wishing to express their condolences can choose a cancer research group or charity of their choice and make a donation in Neil’s name.”

    Neil Peart achieved quite a bit over the years as the drummer of ‘Rush’.

    Peart had been the drummer for the band ‘Rush’ since 1974. He had become the drummer of the band due to John Rutsey, the original drummer, leaving due to health issues. Neil Peart would not only drum for the band but also write lyrics for the band with the other band members.

    Neil Peart was inducted into Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1983. This was a major milestone due to Neil Peart the youngest drummer honored in the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame.

    With his 1983 induction, this would not be the only time Neil Peart was inducted into a Hall of Fame. Neil Peart along with the rest of the band ‘Rush’ was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. One can surely say that Neil Peart had become a two time Hall of Famer.

    Neil Peart and the band ‘Rush’ would evidently go on a ’40th Anniversary’ tour one last time in 2015. After the tour, Neil Peart and the band ‘Rush’ would step back from the spotlight and retire.

    With all of his success, Neil Peart can finally be in peace after his long and tragic battle with brain cancer. Neil Peart and his accomplishments will be remembered by many.


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