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    Well I’ll Be Damn!! Lil Pump Drugs Seized On Flight

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug!!

    The rapper Lil Pump has been on a downward spiral as of late.

    Earlier this year the rapper seemed to reach mainstream in a major way. He collaborated with Kanye West earlier this year, in addition to appearing on Saturday Night Live.

    Some artist that has been around for decades have yet to reach those milestones. Even with all of Lil Pump’s success, he’s still battling issues in the public that can startle his growth.

    Apparently, the rapper was taunting a police officer in Denmark which led to his show getting canceled. The bigger issue is that TSA allegedly found drugs in his luggage. The rapper was kicked off the flight after the discovery according to TMZ.

    Lil Pump was attempting to fly from Miami to Los Angeles, but that never came to be as the incident unfolded.

    We’re hoping that everything works out for Lil Pump!!! Damn how you get your drugs seized at the airport though??



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