The First Drive-Thru Weed Store Is Coming To Colorado

America is set to open its first ever drive-thru weed business in Colorado.

Officials in Parachute – a small town in northwest Colorado – have granted a license to Green Cross Colorado LLC for its business venture Tumbleweed Express that will allow customers to purchase marijuana in a fashion akin to ordering fast food. With hopes of opening up for operation as soon as next month, Tumbleweed Express will be the first shop of its kind in the nation.

Despite the generally liberal stance on cannabis in Colorado, Parachute previously banned the legal sale of the substance before being repealed in 2015. Since then, recreational weed sales in the town have flourished with roughly 30% of sales tax revenue in the town comes from legal marijuana.

Nonetheless, the drive-thru will still need to follow strict regulations governing the substance, such as barring anyone under 21 years old from the premises (including the backseat of the car).

We’re interested in seeing how this turns out.


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