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    Drake’s 10 Best B Side Songs

    Aubrey Graham, formerly known as Drake, is arguably the most decorated Hip Hop artist of all time. From a well established solo album run, to joint projects with other superstars like Jay Z and 21 Savage, Drizzy has done it all. With every artist comes their hot songs and their overlooked songs, tracks that go under the radar and end up far less popular than others. With his announcement to hold a concert for his less popular songs soon, here are Drake’s 10 Best B Side Songs.


    Drake had the wisdom of Solomon with this one..

    The Degrassi star had a lot of curtains to pull and knowledge to drop. With a Kanye sounding sample and a list of some of the confused women Drake knows, this song is definitely worth a listen.

    Down Hill

    The interesting precursor to the 21 Savage and Drake album..

    The peaceful vibe to this song, mixed with the instruments used, gave this song a “dancing on the beach at midnight” vibe. The album, Honestly Nevermind, understandably received negative reviews, but “Down Hill” was an underrated.

    305 to my city

    One of the few songs on this list with a chorus..

    You can listen to this song on a late night drive, after a triumphant day, or when thinking fondly about your significant other. Drake had a plethora of hits on Nothing Was The Same so it’s understandable that this song went relatively unnoticed compared to the rest.

    Jodeci (Freestyle) feat. J. Cole

    The chill beat matches Drake and J. Cole perfectly..

    Another song where Drake is simply venting about his life, and once again it sounds good. The beat’s “grandiose” vibes leave you wondering how and why Rick Ross wasn’t featured on the song. J Cole delivered his top tier bars as usual, and the song was a success.

    How Bout Now

    The perfect song for when you want to flex on your ex..

    With more of a modern R&B feel to the song, Drizzy reminds his past woman that she made a mistake. Another example that if you date Drake, you’re probably going to hear about yourself on his next album.

    Say What’s Real

    The second that Kanye beat starts up, it sends chills down your spine. In the iconic mashup between young Drake and the 808’s and heartbreak instrumental, the track was bound to be good. Over time the song proved to be a great example of what hip hop was destined to be in the coming years.

    Is There More

    Another soft beat to vent on..

    If you can get past the handfuls of Instagram captions he uses as metaphors in the beginning of the song, the rest will be a very enjoyable listen. Listen to hear yet another heart to heart between Aubrey Graham and the beat.

    The Ride

    Another triumphant sounding Rick Ross type beat accompanied by that outro Drizzy flow. These songs just sound like more of a diary for the Canadian rapper. When he opens up about his feelings, good luck getting a hook or a chorus out of him.

    Going in for life

    Baby Drake was in full effect on this song..

    This is when Drizzy was young, more soft spoken, but still hungry to make hits. You can hear the youth in his voice as he almost whispers on an intro sounding instrumental. Another calm song with a bunch of lines that sound like Instagram captions, and no attempt at a hook.

    Between Us

    Another older track which featured a younger, hungrier version of the Canadian artist. This was one of the more energetic songs on this list, with a beat that can be played at a hookah lounge or a sports game during a timeout.

    Those are Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s top 10 B side songs. Which songs did I mistakenly leave off this list? Will new albums be able to compete with classics like Take Care and Nothing Was The Same? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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