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    Drakeo The Ruler Drops Fresh Out Video, “Fights Don’t Matter”

    A fresh out Drakeo The Ruler wastes no time giving fans what they’ve been waiting for with a new song and video called “Fights Don’t Matter.”

    Released from Prison last week following a three-year bid, Drakeo hits the streets running and re-affirms his stature as Los Angeles best. The Lil Gucci-directed video finds Drakeo in a celebratory mood, as he counts cash in the streets of L.A. with a crew of his closest friends, including members of the Stinc Team and producer and confidante JoogSzn.

    “Fights Don’t Matter” finds Drakeo rhyming in his trademark sneer, offering twisty wordplay (“When I left the coupe, all you saw was banana peels/He aint Dodge sh*t tryna pull off in that Challenger”) and promising to end any beef before it starts: “I’m a give ’em 33 shots, cause fights don’t matter.”

    The new video also comes with the announcement of a new album from the Los Angeles rapper, titled, We Know The Truth, arriving November 13 on EMPIRE which is the follow up to his critically-acclaimed June 2020 album, Thank You For Using GTL.

    Here’s what XXL had to say about Drakeo The Ruler:

    “Drakeo’s music is an exercise in restraint and matter-of-factness. Employing an icy monotone, Drakeo embeds his lyrics with seldom-seen subtext while delivering death threats with an alarming nonchalance and an off-kilter flow.”

    Watch the new video above.

    “Fights Don’t Matter” is produced by Thank You Fizzle and Al B Smoove. Available on all DSPs.


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