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    Drake Takes The Crown In 2021

    Making the transition from tv actor to one of the biggest rap stars of today doesn’t come easy for some stars. Though, Drake turned an impossible into a reality. He quickly gained notoriety after starring on the popular teen-drama Degrassi as the beloved Jimmy Brooks during the early 2000’s. Right after Drake left the show in 2008, he signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money record label the year after. Clearly, the rapper made the right decision, especially since his rap career went off without a hitch. Since making it in the music industry, the star has taken home major wins and won a handful of awards. Now the rap star takes the crown in 2021, as one of the most streamed rappers this year.

                Drake Hailed As One Of The Most Streamed Rappers Of 2021

    via Black Enterprise

    Drake has made a big name for himself in Hollywood. He’s even had one of the most successful rap careers out of his peers. Recently, his rap career reached unbelievable heights when the HITS Daily Double announced their mid-year round up of today’s top 50 most streamed artists. With 3,642,943,000 streams alone this year, The Boy snatched the number one spot on the list. However, the Hits Daily Double list doesn’t show which specific albums or tracks that streamed the most for Drake.

    Though, sources assume that his recent achievement is thanks to his three-song pack “Scary Hours 2.” Additionally, Spotify reported that Drizzy’s song “Wants and Needs” featuring Lil Baby garnished 202,007,861 streams. Not forgetting his other track “What’s Next”, which brought in another 165, 464,417 streams. At this point, Drake deserves the crown and should take on an elite status.

                               Drake Took The Crown

    via Los Angeles Times

    It’s easy to see why Drake has single-handedly become one of the greatest streamed artists of 2021. For one, he puts out great music nonstop. His greatest tracks included “God’s Plan” and “Hotline Bling” which have more than likely been streamed millions of times. Additionally, the “POPSTAR” rapper took the number one spot on the HITS Daily Double top 50 most streamed artist again back in 2020. He’s certainly a talent all his own. It’s no wonder he took the crown this year.


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