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    Drake Rents Out The Dodger’s Stadium For A Date

    Dating rumors in Hollywood almost never cease to shock fans. Though, some celebrity dating rumors aren’t all that surprising. For instance, Drake has an extensive dating history. The 34-year-old has been romantically linked to everyone from Serena Williams to Jennifer Lopez. Now rumor has it that the “POPSTAR” rapper is dating Bringing Up Ballers reality star Johanna Leia. Apparently the dating rumors don’t bother Drake one bit. He further fueled dating rumors with Leia by buying a Dodger’s Stadium for their date.

     Drake Pulls Out All The Stops At Empty Dodger’s Stadium Date

    Dodger's Stadium
    via In Touch Weekly

    When Drake takes his girlfriends out on a date, apparently, he does it in a big way. Recently, the 34-year-old rented out a Dodger’s Stadium just for him and Bringing Up Ballers’ star Johanna Leia. An ABC7 helicopter camera spotted the two cozying up to each other on a dinner date at the Stadium on July 8. Apparently, Drake rented out the Dodger’s stadium as the team’s “thank you” for his big donation to their Foundation. Furthermore, footage of the two stars was their first romantic public sighting together. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re actually dating.

                Fans Think Drake’s Dating Model And Reality Star Johanna Leia

    Dodger's Stadium
    via CassiusLife

    Given the ABC7 photos, fans speculate that the two have started dating. Luckily, the evidence supports their conclusion. According to sources, Drake meet Leia “on a highschool basketball court” on the set of Lifetime’s Bringing Up Ballers. Furthermore, TMZ first reported their romance on July 10. However, other sources argued that they started “dating” a few months prior. However, Drake nor Leia have dropped any clues about their alleged romance. They haven’t even gone Instagram official. Despite their lack of a relationship status, Drake has established a relationship with Leia’s highschool basketball star son Amari Bailey.

    Moreover, Drake acts as a sort of life coach to her son Amari Bailey who plans to attend ULCA. Additionally, Drake mentors Bailey on finances and handling the pressures of fame. By Drake being a father himself, he obviously has a way with kids. He hasn’t confirmed whether or not he’s dating Leia. Though, Drake is certainly winning points for forming a close bond with her son.




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